Artist Bio – How to Write The Perfect One

Artist Bio – How to Write The Perfect One

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Are you struggling to write your artist bio? Or thinking about giving it a go but don't know where to start? Well, then this post is for you.

We will provide you with everything you need to write that perfect artist bio, and hopefully, make the process a little easier for you.

An artists biography needs to grab the readers attention immediately.

With the amount of new music been released each day (24,000 new songs daily), it's getting a lot harder to be noticed.

A good bio could be the difference in someone playing your music or continuing on to play someone else's.

So to help you get started, we've compiled a list below of questions for you to answer.

Try not to have the answers too long, as the idea of a music bio is to deliver the most notable information quickly and efficiently.

In addition to that, try to come up with a hook. What makes you stand out from the rest?

Getting Started

  • How did you come about?
  • Where are you based?
  • When did you form and why?
  • What/who was your major influences?
  • What notable gigs or festivals have you played?
  • Have you won any competitions or awards?
  • What's next for the band? Do you have an upcoming release?



If you're tangling with this early on, it might help to check out other artists bios in your genre. 

Each genre will have slightly different tones and styles to their writings. 

It's good practice to write your bio for the audience you're trying to reach.

For example, you might write in a more formal manner for the classical genre than you would for the psychedelic rock genre per se.

Know the audience you're trying to capture 

As you will discover from your research, most, if not all bios are written in the third person.

Writing in the third person is more objective and gives a more overall factual tone to the piece.

To boot, 'I' this and 'I' that sounds like you're bragging about your achievements rather than highlighting them.


It’s best practice is to write your bio in two parts.

The first one, consisting of anywhere between 150 - 250 words will be your short bio.

This will consist of your band name, background, most notable achievements and a link to a new release or upcoming show. 

This is the part of the bio, you will use to capture your audience.

Additionally, music Journalists will be using this as a source for information when writing a piece about you for an online publication or a festival lineup guide.

Part 2

With the second part, feel free to go into more detail about the band’s members and achievements. 

For instance, have you won any competitions in late or awards worth mentioning?

The key here is to expand on the information given in the first part of the bio and keep it relevant and notable.

As in, there's no need to mention your uncle bought you a guitar when you were 10 yrs old, and the first song you learn on it was ‘Smoke On The Water’.

That’s no use to anyone unless you are actually 10 yrs old and releasing your debut album six months later.

Now that I would mention 🙂


This part of your artist bio can be anywhere between 300-500 words. 

Just keep it factual and interesting.

If it’s not going to help you get plays or fill out venues, then don’t put it in. 

This is also a great place to add some quotes you might have had written about you. 

As in, “a sizzling live experience, not to be missed”. 

Once that’s done, it’s now time to write that killer tagline.

I’ll leave that one up to you. Just think of it like describing your band in a Tweet 🙂 


Begin with your name and where you're based and go from there

Like keywords, you want your audience to know what you're writing about straight away.

For example,

Navan based band, Badgrammrbaz, are a four-piece, alt-rock group, who have been creating quite a buzz on the underground scene, since their opening show in The Ambassador this time last year.

You can go two ways here, depending on your genre and style of music.

For instance, I'm from a town called Navan. It's an old mill town built on two historic rivers.

That said, It is also a place where you can go drinking under the bridge for a few cans and a spot of graffiti.

It all depends on the audience you’re trying to target.

Describe Your Sound

How would you describe your sound in a sentence?

Maybe asks some of your friends who have an interesting in writing to help you out with this bit, or if you're feeling confident take a stab at it yourself. 

Here's an example of what you might write.

"This energetic 4 piece, reels with infectious guitar tones, driving bass, and synth so dirty you will have to get permission off your parents just to listen to it."

I would suggest checking out reviews from online music magazines like the Goldenplec, Mojo or Spin to see how the pros do it.


Pro Tip: A thesaurus is a great way of finding cool words to describe your sound.


Additionally, festival lineup guides are a great way to get some insights into describing the sound of bands.

List Your Accomplishments


Has your latest release done well in the charts?

Are you an up and coming artist who’s been championed by a certain radio show?

Have you been selected by a magazine as this year’s ones to watch?

This is the information fans want to know about.

Take note

This section is for mentioning the achievements of the group you’re in right now.

It's not a place to mention that your drummer Dave played Electric Picnic last year with some other band.

It doesn't look too professional.

What if you're only starting out?

If you're fresh on the scene and you're lacking in content for your bio don't panic! 

This is a great place to start mentioning what you’re up to behind the scenes. 

For, instance, are you're in the studio recording your debut single?

Have you won any battle of the band’s competitions of late, or have you played in recent shows worth mentioning?

Your bio is the progress of your musical journey. You’re not going to be a success overnight. 

Keep adding to your bio as you progress.  

How To End Your Artist Bio

If you have upcoming shows or new releases hitting the shelves very soon, this where you want your fans to take action.

If you have tickets on sale? Add a link and redirect your fans to a landing page where they can purchase tickets.

Can you pre-order your new single? Add a link to your website.

This part of your bio is sales. It’s all about getting your fans to take action and continue their journey with the artist.


Keep your bio fresh. Don't forget to update it regularly.

Have your other band members or friends proofread it before publishing, to check for spelling mistakes and overall tone of the piece.

Use a thesaurus when describing you're sound to make it pop. Additionally, use tools like Grammarly free writing assistant to help you polish your piece.

If you liked this post on how to write the perfect music bio, or you think I forgot to mention something please let me know in the comment section below.

If this post was helpful to you please share it with someone that might benefit from it too.

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